8:52 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • hahaha
    Yeah right. Even IF management wanted to, they can't. it is IMPOSSIBLE to fire somebody...especially if they are a non-white male. Our office has been funding a person for 2 years that is no longer in our office, she lost her clearance (along with some other issues). But hey no biggie, we got her from another agency because she was screwing up there.... But hey this is what you get, We had a good thing in NSPS, but the unions didn't like that because it actually made people WORK for their money and JOB.
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  • balh!
    You make no sense and sound very disturbed or disgruntled!
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  • Human Resources
    JR Samples
    The HR office is another piece to the puzzle. One reason we have so many incompetent employees is that HR will not prepare vacancy announcements with specific job requirements. We then wind up with a pool of candidates who may not be able to do the job. Middle and upper management feel that it is often better to have a warm body in a position than leave the position vacant. All too often I have seen individuals hired who were on the verge of being fired from their previous positions.
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  • I disagree!
    Although HR plays a role in hiring, it is the hiring management responsible for the decisision. If there are no good candidates, then management should non-select. With the abundance and competetiveness out there today, management should be using creative ways to find best qualified. If not, then p!ss on them!
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  • manager's ability to cut deadwood
    Texas Fed Up Fed
    Where I work we have soon-to-be retired military officers creating high level GS positions for themselves. They move right into these high paying jobs immediately upon retirement from active duty and then use that position to create another layer of high paying GS positions for their retired military buddies. How can anyone expect these people to cut the deadwood? They are creating the deadwood. And you think it's difficult to fire a bad employee? Try firing one who is a veteran. Can't be done. And now that the VA is handing out disability ratings like candy it is getting even harder. You could have the best employee in the world who is a non veteran and the worst employee in the world who is a veteran and if one of them has to go it has to be the non veteran. If we want to get the right person in the right job at the right time we have a long way to go.
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  • Government? Operate With Fastidiousness?
    Steven P
    I think that's against the law ...
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  • Dear congress
    Please read this...Federal Employees are IMPOSSIBLE to be fired....
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  • Dear termite
    You've been proven wrong time over time again... and you nitwits STILL profess to know something you don't. Bottom line: If a fed worker is a non-performer and management has not applied action, then it is the management that should be responsible, not the non-performer. GET THAT thru your thick pea-brain skulls! All the rules and regs are in place and have been for decades. BUT the laws and rules were setup to stop abusive managers too. News Flash! Abusive managers DO EXIST and they are ALL over the place! And it appears ALL those abisive managers are the same ones posting that it is impossible to fire fed workers! So proper or good managers must work a little harder to either bring that non-performer up to standards, or have them terminated. Got it now or are you an abusive manager? Cease and decist with your "impossible to fire a fed baloney!
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