4:54 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Federal Workers
    GetOffYour Butts
    Federal employees are ALREADY being unfairly targeted for savings. Federal workers compensation has Already been lower from 75% of salary down to 50% when injured on the job. Federal workers are now Already paying More for retirement deductions and more for health care. Federal employees Already endure a 2 year pay freeze. 22 days of pay lost amounts to 10% lower yearly wage or a 10% salary cut. If Congress screws me again I will file Bankruptcy and screw all the creditors to make up for my lost income. Plus I will definately do a losy job at work, and call in sick more and start using youp the 2,000+ hours of SL I accumulated over the decades., instead of going above and beyond.
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  • Temporary Employees
    Have already been let go in all agencies is my understanding. Now they will be on unemployment. I guess that was a smart move. They also won't be spending much money. When I get cut one day a week, my spending is cutting in half. I won't pay as much in federal, state, social security or any of the deductions that normally come from my pay. Guess that was a good move too. Our government is the worst. As someone stated earlier, let's start by cutting Congress and see how they like it, and also the President of the United States and all his staff. Oh, I have another one, maybe the president shouldn't be taking so many vacations and trips and spending our money on all his crap. IDIOTS, every one of them.
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  • Worker Spending Strike!
    Another Woodsider
    If all military and civilian workers, Feds or Contractors, stop all discretionary spending February 1 through February 7, someone will get the message. We can eat down the freezer and the kitchen cabinet. Empty parking lots from Frederick to Woodbridge would get worldwide attention. We can do that for a week.
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  • Ok...you call the media outlets
    PO'd Fed
    I'd be all for this, but who's going to start calling and organizing to make this all happen by next week?
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  • and the ride only gets rougher the further we go
    Just me
    The thing that remains unsaid is this: The longer the Congress takes, to make a decision, the worse this problem becomes. It becomes worse because the people, impacted by furloughs, will cut spending AHEAD of the furloughs (to build up a financial "cushion" for the hard times ahead)AND they'll adjust their spending (downwards) AGAIN once the severity of the impact is known. It would be safe to speculate that the rate of recover (to the current level of spending) would be slower than the rate at which spending decreased (largely because the people will be unwinding the financial harm caused, to them, by the furloughs.) Thus the impact on employment, tax revenues, and sales will extend well beyond the furlough periods in question.
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  • Fine Congress
    PO'd Fed
    Don't just cut pay for congress, prosecute them for dereliction of duty and negligence on behalf of the American people. Fine the bejeesus out of them and toss a few in jail. As for those who think the Feds are obsolete or doing non-necessary work, let us take a furlough and see who mails out your SS check, writes contracts that get your roads build and fixed, and monitor billions of dollars of federal contracts. The federal employee seems to always be the focus of the first cuts. It should start with those at the top, especially when they've had years to do anything and have not. Bring back the days of tar & feathers and running shiesters out of town on a rail.
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