12:41 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Positive and Constructive Tone
    Everything is beautiful, in its own way! I LOVE bombing other countries! Obomba's killed more people with drone missiles than Bush did! I'm very positive about that because I'm a fednewsradio dhead.
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  • Congress and the president have gotten it wrong at every turn
    why should now be any different. Putting DoD workers pay on the chopping block to make up 5B in cuts shows just how ridiculous our lawmakers at all levels are. With contractors running rampant in DoD as they have for years, why is it that the DoD employee gets to pick up the tab? The reason really is simple, just ask who puts more into the pockets of Congress and the President, Contractors or gov't workers? It all comes down to the best government money can buy.
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  • Reducing Federal Spending
    I think it is time (beginning with the 2014 budget anyway) that the Federal Government to go to a 72 hour bi-weekly workschedule with a corresponding 10 percent permanent cut in salaries. Work weeks could be either a 4/4 schedule with 9 hours per day or a 5/4 schedule with 8 hours a day.
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  • Not really
    Hope you do not mind waiting longer for your tax refund? Or perhaps you might wait longer for answers from the IRS. Perhaps less audits and collection efforts from the IRS are in order. That is a good way to increase the deficit.
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