8:37 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Now or Never
    ..."despite fresh signs the cuts would threaten the recovering economy." Really? And what are those fresh signs? Fact is, defense spending does NOT actually even get cut. It only lessens the increase in spending from 26 billion per year to 20 billion. both parties get paid by Lockheed Martin and have defense related jobs in their districts. THAT's why they don't want any cuts, period. Congress fiddles while Rome burns.
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  • "And what are those fresh signs?"
    FERS Fed
    Did you miss this part? "Under a formula by the Congressional Budget Office, a $43 billion cut in defense spending could cost 300,000 jobs this year." That would be 300,000 MORE people drastically reducing their consumer spending, the thing that drives our economy. So, do you think that will that help or hurt the economy's recovery?
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