1:53 am, May 26, 2015

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  • OPM is outdated and behind the times in the 21st Century & no longer needed.....
    We really have no more need for OPM as we did in the 20th Century when the U.S. Civil Service Commission/OPM was established to provide national leadership and OVERSIGHT of federal HR programs throughout the federal infrastructure that promoted consistency, uniformity, efficiency and effectiveness throughout federal agencies. It served millions upon millions of employees in all positions, at all grades worldwide. In the late 20thCentury largely due to agencies thinking they could do a better job if they had their full delegated personnel programs instead we now have a decentralized, fragmented, inconsistent, inefficient, ineffective, overlapping and duplication of HR services government wide. Things are so bad with many of the federal personnel programs OPM and Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCOs) are openly lobbying for dismantling HR program(s)they themselves don't understand or know how to administer efficiently and effectively yet they readily collect pay as experts of these HR programs they are paid to administer, explain and innovate. Led by OPM, OPM and CHCOs have repeatedly called for dismantling current federal staffing programs, the current position classification program, etc. calling these programs outdated, inflexible, too rigid etc. Yet neither the OPM or any one CHCO can or has stepped forward with the blueprint to replace any of the HR programs they so earnestly are calling to dismantle. OPM in fact openly stated several months back it could no longer "police" classification inconsistencies throughout the federal agencies yet they continue to be funded and collect high rates of pay to provide oversight of the classification system they openly declared they no longer provide oversight for and instead spend that freed up time seeking to dismantle this program! Two months after OPM's declaration we read then about how VA's CHCO openly stated position inconsistencies were so widespread in the VA it was beyond their control! Folks, we need to start hiring the right folks for the right positions much of which is the result of poor HR staffing practices i.e. poorly written rating plans, widespread use of generic examining guides such ECQs which have been and are being used to fill entry level GS-7 positions by the Coast Guard,etc.! Generic and streamlined examining schedules to save time has produced less than best qualifieds for many federal positions today. Today's technology not only allow us to review not only position classification consistency/inconsistencies but we are also able to assess such inconsistencies by grade, series, geo-location, office, installation, by region, by bureau, by Department, etc. overnight! No, I am not kidding! Today's technology afford us to provide virtual HR services to anyone worldwide 24/7 including federal employees. Today's technology allow us to provide faster, more responsive, more efficient and more effective federal HR services at a fraction of the current costs of maintaining 25,000 HR Specialists not including the additional cadre of 5,000 HR consultants,several thousand HR temporaries and hundreds of other positions responsible for providing HR services in the 304, 343, 340, series, etc. While we are now in the 21st Century OPM continues to hang on to the old ways and the old days in terms of delivery of services a reflection more on outdated mindsets and outright refusal to change with the times. Lastly OPM's focus is no longer what it was and it wasn't mission creep but a leap by OPM officials to try something new by volunteering to participate in the national health care programs and avoid their accountability for failing to essential HR leadership and innovation of federal HR programs. For this reason, a new approach, not a new agency or an office made up of the same mindsets that got us to this point is needed. 21st Century HR services can now be provided on-demand 24/7 including the overnight production of any and all workforce reports that would replace the current and outdated, time consuming and labor intensive data calls and surveys OPM requires agencies to report on. The savings would be phenomenal more ways than one using a different approach and current technology involving one or two agencies to take the lead - not OPM officials...
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