6:33 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Tired of hearing others complain...
    ...I've been to Denver during a snow and it's much drier and not as much of a driving hazard as DC. I've sat on a commuter bus for 6 hours (normally a little over an hour) due to an icy rain and not very much snow. And I'm lucky since I was out of town when the Jan 11 snow hit that froze up some roads for much longer than that. I remember I95 once looked like a war zone with all the cars off to the side of the road and even one on its side. When the roads freeze it's dangerous - and they freeze in this region more often than not. I wonder how many of these wrecks during a storm are caused by people from Boston, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, etc, who are confident they can drive in any kind of weather and end up sliding into traffic?
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  • Inclement Weather in the Metro Area
    Reinaldo Luis A.
    One of the problems of inclement weather in the metro area are the driving habits of many of the locals that come from south of the Mason-Dixon line. Having lived in Massachusetts and New York I know enough to drive at least ten miles below the speed limit in inclement weather, snow or rain. In addition I always drive with my lights on to ensure that other drivers see me. Yesterday, as I was driving my wife to the New Carrollton Metro station I was continuously being passed by drivers going 70-80 mph on Route 50 IN THE RAIN. If the Maryland legislature would drop some of its libertarian mindset and have installed speed cameras on those commuter routes, issue tickets for speeding in inclement weather, or ticket drivers who are aggressive the problem will not be fixed.
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  • Maryland Libertarian mindset?
    yeah right.
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  • Wet snow vs dry snow
    Our first snow fall generally causes lots of accidents, even though we can have snow 9 months of the year, although not every year. Why? Because it is a wet snow that freezes to ice. Once winter hits and the temperature remain cold, the snow remains dry and it is easier to drive on dry snow than ice. That said, DCers are still Wimps!
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  • To "Lazy Fed"
    YOU are the one who gives us all a ba name! YOU should be ashamed of yourself. Unscheduled Telework means YOU WORK...it is NOT A DAY OFF! Too bad we don't know which agency you were hired by (I can't say work for, sisne you don't pull your weight) ... There's some budget cutting that could surely be done...Your position!
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  • Weather
    "Lazy Fed" sums up the perception non FEDS have of all working FEDS.I know it's an unfair perception but how could any FED employee with any degree of intelligence even think to post what "Lazy Fed" posted.Thanks,"Lazy Fed" for nothing,you ignorant fool.
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