8:26 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Wasn't confusing at all
    Most workers didn't bother listening to OPM. I got to work at 6:30 AM and the office did not open until 12 PM. However the building was open and I've seen half the staff already at work.
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  • a joke
    These weather closing 12 hrs before a storm hits are a joke....if you cant make it in then take leave...unless there's a blizzard there govt should be open...we dont need a nanny OPM saying 3 different things....take leave or go to work.
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  • Oh yeah, a Flub.... Well, maybe a semi-flub...
    I only found out about this delay, via WTOP. The reason I didn't bother with OPM is because I just didn't think it necessary for this weather; yes it was cold freezing rain this morning hitting outside my window, but I'd never imagine it'd actually cause a significant late start for the Feds (at worse, maybe the unscheduled leave or telework). Oh, BTW, it wouldn't have mattered anyway, if I had known yesterday. I'd still have to come in roughly on normal time; because VRE apparently doesn't listen to, or care about, these WX-related delays in (or similar early outs for that matter)!! The very last F-train North rolls into DC around NLT 9AM.
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  • OPM Made the Call
    Brenda T.
    Regardless of whether some of you would drive or walk to work in a blizzard, OPM made the decision, not Federal employees. Once the decision was made to "STAY OFF THE STREETS UNTIL 10:00AM", and that "Federal Offices in the Washington, DC area will open at 12:00 noon", I followed procedure. I got to work at 11:30, and found out that some managers interpreted OPM's announcement to mean that we were due to work by 10:00am. Now, would someone please tell me how anyone, even if they live 2 blocks away, can leave home at 10:00 am and arrive to work by 10:00 am.
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  • Teleworkers had no trouble
    fact checker
    It was clear it was going to be a problem where ice would start coming at 4AM according to NWS. Which meant by 6AM, if your commute takes that long, you'd be stuck having to walk on ice. Thankfully they remained solidly on the unscheduled telework language. That worked out fine. If your office doesn't offerTelework yet, please insist on it. People here do not know how to treat the roads, let alone drive on them if there is even the slightest bit of ice.
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  • Telework?
    Brenda T.
    Some of us are not offered that option. It is reserved for the priviledged ones who already have plenty of leave. And they probably have plenty of leave because they can telework.
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