8:12 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! I'm RETIRED! Ain't gotta no NOWHERE!
    The Original Joe S
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  • Weather Closing
    Get a life. For those of us who need to get to work, this could be a serious matter. Do you think it's funny that some people were confused? Enjoy your retirement, but comments such as yours (from the peanut gallery) are neither cute nor appreciated. Some of us still need to work for a living.
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  • No
    They did not. Perfectly clear instructions.
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  • Commuters
    The problem with unscheduled leave/telework is - it punishes those who can't get in by forcing them to take leave, when others 'telework'. In Southern MD, the commuter buses ran their regular schedule, which meant the last bus north left Charlotte Hall at 7:35am. Feds had to 'Stay off the roads' until 10am. How (and why) then should Feds not able to telework be forced to take leave? I was lucky enough to telework, but as you can see, others may not have had that option.
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  • Weather Closing in D.C.
    I'm disappointed that few writers know the value of the simple declarative sentence. Why not just say ... "Federal gornment Offices will open at noon. Emergency operating personnel will report to work according to the agency's emergency operating plan. All others are to report by noon. Liberal leave policy will be in effect for those not able to report by that time." Forget about the 'leave your home after 10 o'clock.' That's just dumb, and confusing.
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  • OmniRide
    I commute from Virginia and the omniride was on the ESP schedule Monday. This adds an entirely new wrinkle in keeping the Feds off the road during inclement weather.
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