2:38 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • No surprises
    I once read a post on Causey's blog that questioned why a federal employee would ever vote for a republican. Given how the Dems hate spending money on national defense one would question why anyone employed by the DOD would ever vote for a democrat.
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  • LOL
    The Oblamer administration said sequestration would not happen when it was campaigning. Now that it no longer needs your vote, to the extended unemployment lines with you. You must watch what he does and compare that to what he says in front of cameras. You will find the two are strikingly different.
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  • Furloughs
    The Government workers are to be furloughed 1 day a week for 22 weeks and the Congressmen who created this mess are protected by the constitution from loosing any pay! What a mess our government is in! Go ahead and give Egypt a Billion dollars in aircraft to use against the US! Common sense is no longer around. So the federal government is going to continue to give foreign governments billions of our tax dollars and then look at the workers and tell us they cannot afford to pay us! What a crock. I say fire them all including Obama.
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  • Exactly!
    Well now, don't we need to give Egypt a billion dollars so they can attack Israel more effectively? (and allow us to go into the middle east oil fields to "protect" 'em, i.e. make sure they're sold in U.S. dollars).
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  • Contractors and lies
    Why are the federal employees getting penalized for the entire US's budget issues! When I was hired 22 years ago, I was guaranteed a certain salary and I moved up the ranks with this guarantee, and now, you are going to take 20% of my pay!! At the same Contractors are being hired left and write, and they get big bucks. Also, they are not getting furloughed...what is going on here! I was promoted three years ago and guaranteed my salary based on the GSA scale, where do they come off, deciding to steal a part of my salary to fix the countries major budget issues? It makes me ill......Obama you were elected a second term, make this right.
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  • Not True!
    Hmmm, sounds like comments from a career civil servant with no clue about contractor life. The fact is, that after you add in compensation and benefits, government workers actually make more that contractors. I manage support to a Dod office and manage nearly 40 direct reports and subcontractors. >I can assure you< in no uncertain terms that comparing take-home salaries between government workers and contractors at the same level, we get less than you do. I don't think you have your "common sense" thinking cap on. If we cost more, then Uncle Sam would hire more government people - not bring in more contractors. I'm closing in on 35 years as a military contractor, and I'm really tired of hearing the "rich contractor" myth repeated over and over again. Add it to the list of other public myths people say over and over again - "Government workers are paid too much!" "Career civil servants aren't breaking any sweat to work hard and do well because they have guaranteed jobs!", "The military budget is bloated!", etc. etc. Most of these myths seem to originate from the woefully uninformed. Next time you start loading on contractors, consider this. The very vast majority of contractors >aren't< paid as much as government employees, regardless of how much you'd like to believe we are. Most of us are former military - we served our country proudly and are honored to serve it in support of miliary programs. The rest are deeply dedicated to serving our country helping out any way we can. Contractors get the accountability, but little of the authority. We receive precious >little thanks< for the work we do and support we provide. Our profits in professional services are locked by law. So "contractors get big bucks"? Perhaps one or two who are highly specialized with unique skill sets and are "leaders in the industry", but not the rest of us - the large silent majority. Please stop perpetuating the myth.
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  • Both parties
    Both parties don't want to cut defense spending because many of them have some form of defense spending in their districts. The Pentagon doesn't WANT a lot of the stuff the Congress throws at them (2nd engine for the F-35, etc.) but they get it anyway. What a sham of a wasteful system. Capitalism isn't the problem. The problem is corruption that leads to bankrupcty, the same thing that brought down the Soviet Union.
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  • Why 22 days will not be consecutive?
    Could it be to stop federal workers from claiming unemployment benefits? I am not sure of the exact laws of unemployment coverage, as I have never collected. If the 22 days off were to be consecutive then wouldn't a federal worker be able to draw unemployment check/benefits for the unpaid time off? If this is the case this may be legal but it is very underhanded......
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