6:04 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • How to save money
    Small businesses know how to do this and being the CEO of a small business I'm faced with this everyday. The DLA could save 50% or more in the Test Equipment sector by buying reconditioned Test Equipment instead of brand new. Like an automobile, the price for Test Equipment drops dramatically once it becomes "used" even if it was used only for a few hours or days. It is still totally reliable equipment and today at Naptech and other reconditioned Test Equipment companies equipment can be bought reconditioned "like new" with 1-3 year warranty if desired for a fraction of what it would cost brand new. Also companies like Naptech can save the government millions and perhaps billions of dollars by having the Test Equipment repaired by qualified companies instead of disposing it when it needs repair. This includes even the older "obsolete" equipment the manufacturers will no longer repair. If the DOD would take on purchasing policies like small businesses do, and buy used/reconditioned equipment when they can and by having equipment repaired at small businesses like Naptech it would save them millions or billions of dollars and help the economy by creating more business and jobs for small businesses like Naptech at the same time.
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