11:08 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Gee, that's about the same number as
    Army Generals caught doing the same thing. The AIr Force, so much classier at even the lower enlisted ranks than the Army at much higher ranks.
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  • Brilliant conclusion, doctor
    Mike McMike
    And based on nearly non-existant data and obvious biases. You're slick. Must have been Air Force. So, tell me again, what percentage of the Air Force can actually say they do the work of an "armed" service." Isn't 95% of the Air Force pretty much a bureacratic playland with less stress and more free time than a B-grade college campus?
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  • Same Air Force
    that forces christianity on its members. Some things make you wonder; some things make you stop wondering.
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  • By the way . . .
    Mike McMike
    I see 'battle rhythm' in the headline. Where is it in the article?
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