2:07 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Years of reducing staff & lack of financial and budgetary decisions-new shapes emerge
    Lisa Lisa
    As early as I can recall-during the Reagan years, this is where fed gov cuts to personnel began includng military. Downsizing has its after affects sometimes not seen for many years. The more carving that happens over time, at some point, as in the housing debacle back in 2008, it becomes thin at the bottom and heavy at the top (upside down tiered wedding cake). Remove one or two more piece from the bottom (sequestration and debt ceiling) and thats it-london bridges falling down, falling down.---So here we are: high debt, employment improving but not in pace with govt spending-not as much tax revenue running through the veins by people having jobs-or jobs that pay well.Lack of efforts by Congress is taking more from the bottom of that cake. No jobs=no tax revenue=cost for unemployment=cuts to federal budgets=loss of more jobs (contractors and feds alike, no fiscal year budget passed as its now going on 4 months past due, no passage on the debt ceiling-a tiny bandaid on a huge gash. Cut, Cut, cut. A new image arises. Its startng to look like a bad gridlock on the beltway. At some point the 2 ends will meet and there's nowhere to go. This is a mess of biblical proportions. The only effort happening is finger pointing and the image of our congress with pacifiers in their mouths throwing hissy fits. Perhaps someone hasnt checked their diapers because I suspect many are full of you know what.
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  • I swear
    When Oblamer was running for reelection that his admin specifically told companies like Lockheed not to worry about sequestration because it would not happen. And if it did they could sue for lost wages and his admin would pay. Sounded like vote buying then and still does. A duck is a duck. Listen and watch what he does because the two are usually not consistent. But then the majority of the federal workforce voted for him so you get what you deserve. When you lose the ability to think for yourself and see the forest through the trees you are lost.
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  • I'd like to see your source. I was unaware of what you are saying.
    Mike McMike
    However, anyone who ever believed that Obama would do anything for industry at the expense of unions was a fool. Obama is a Socialist - period. You are correct in that we should all watch what he does, with every expectation that he will jam it to private industry and coddle the unions. Expect more of this Socialist nonsense - Nondisplacement of Qualified Workers Under Service Contracts. Google it.
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