11:30 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Psst! Air Force
    Mike McMike
    You have tens of thousands of young men and women in your employ and living on your property, they live like college kids in dorms, and they have a lot less rigorous life. So, this surprises you?
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  • Ohh, I don' t know.
    I enjoyed my 20 years in it. You must have chosen to be Army, which would explain your jealousy.
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  • The only difference between military and civilian is
    they are military! And when they do something, there is more scrutiny. These are after all people and they have the same characteristics as their civilian brethern and sistern. Maybe we should look at what our society gives these people as their surroundings instead of pointing fingers at people.
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  • It's the "Fly Boy" culture
    Sunna W
    Put a Young Turk in the seat of a multi-million dollar aircraft that can go faster than the speed of sound and he thinks that he is invincible and untouchable. Regardless of which service he is in, an aviator develops a sense of privilege that has developed a tradition that goes back to the discovery of flight. The manner in which these young men are catered to (by their peers and the media) perpetuates the myth that they are boys being boys. The Navy fought this culture after Tail-hook and the Navy is somewhat better for it, in terms of working conditions for women and men who are offended by the inappropriate display of offensive, sexist media in the forms of magazines, calendars, posters, and movies allowed in the break room. It has to start with leadership and top down enforcement of the fact that regardless of gender, objectifying a human being as a sexual object in the workplace is not tolerated in any shape form or fashion and that the practice will be unilaterally dealt with and will include permanent loss of flying privileges, affect promotion, and possibly an entire career in the USAF.
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