7:19 pm, May 30, 2015

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  • Same w/ telework
    G Street
    Those not allowed to do so = like snow days
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  • contractors were funded the last time
    deployed decoy
    Two years ago when this was going down, some things never change, only the names of the guilty. Army Central Command re-defined all of us from Emergency Essential (meaning we came to work in snow belly button deep to a camal in Kuwait or in times of no funding)… To Mission Critical, a previously unknown term for federal employees. Apparently the only 'Mission Critical' people were the Contract Officer Rep – since the contractors had been funded and PAID ahead of time, someone needed to be around to make sure they came to and performed work… And the network security manager, apparently if Facebook was to go off the net, no one wanted to deal with 15 congressman inquiries why Soldiers were not allowed to use social media during a Govt shutdown, on the CENTCOM SWA network backbone… No one answered my question that since we were no longer EE, that under federal law, we must be evacuated in times of war, snow in Kuwait or Govt shut down...
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