7:09 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Snow Policy
    Telework is a partial solution from a traffic perspective: however it is a failure from a production perspective. People are human and there are far too many distractions at home to work effectively. Isn’t that the whole purpose of providing a work environment in the first place? It should be a privilege awarded to trusted professionals and it should be monitored closely by supervisors. This can be and should be addressed by giving supervisors the high tech tools they need. This will be called snooping. It isn’t. Supervisors cannot do their job if they cannot determine who is abusing their privilege. And that includes monitoring supervisors who telework. The current snow policy is by far the most rational treatment for Washington weather I’ve seen. And I had a 35 mile each way commute for 25 years. Anyone remember the “sissy lists”? The traffic jams from early dismissals?
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  • Telework
    How about looking to see how the employee does his work instead of monitoring the person when that person teleworks. An example is the workload and time reviews. Could there be some abuse? Yes. It could also be very minor and not worth pursuing. Workers are not robots whether teleworking or working in the office. I hope you will be more trustworthy of your employees if you are a manager or co workers if you are not in management. You will get better results.-----For what it is worth, I rarely telework beyond CPE which I do at home. Time allowed is already programmed into the system. Extra time is on me.
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  • I'm from Wisconsin
    and I do believe it's the dampness of the weather in winter. I grew up walking to class in sub-zero temps, but I never felt so cold there as I do here when it's 38 degrees and raining.
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