12:49 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Pax Romana
    Oh please, even the sequester only cuts SOME pork from the Pentagon. And THEY'RE the ones (the actual military guys, not Porker Panetta) who often don't WANT the stuff the Congress foists on them (2nd engine for the F-35, etc.) because its MADE in THEIR DISTRICT. Ron Paul received more campaign money from the military than all the other repub candidates. There's a reason for that, "my friends" as John McCain likes to say. Too bad a war hero has been, along with John Kerry (both sides of the aisle) more about PORK than about being careful with the nation's finances. Even the Sandy money was larded with pork. No shame at all! The state budget for New Jersey this year was 30 billion dollars! And they're approving 60 BILLION when most of that money won't even go to helping the people who actually needed the help. Much like the Obomba (Libya) "infrastructure stimulus" that apparently vanished into thin air.
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  • Clinger bombs Syria
    (but)...Sir, I think we have a wonderful chance of defeating Syria this year. Not sure about Russia, though (idjits). Remember, its OK to bomb people when you're a demoblican, its just BAD to bomb people when you're a republicrat.
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  • The DoD loses or cant account for
    billions and billions of dollars each year...some audits arrive at a figure over $50B...that just is, well, they cant find it or account for. And DLA for 15yrs has been trying to audit its holdings..that is property, material and real estate they own..and have NEVER been able to even complete the audit let alone determine what these assests are worth..it is speculated we are talking over a trillion dollars. Its time to end DoD workfare and its time to cut the defense budget in half. The sequestor is only a good start. Theres alot more fat to cut in the DoD and its well past time for this accounting. The real defense budget when you include both the public budget and the "black" budget which is NEVER disclosed is probably near a trillion dollars a year and is not nor has that kind of waste, fraud and abuse sustainable.
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  • Exactly
    You can bet the "sequester" will cut mostly Federal employees. After all, John McCain, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, and friends have to get paid by Lockheed Martin. Seriously, you'd have to pay most people to be this stupid. Most Americans are living in 1975. We ain't in Kansas no more.
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