3:41 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Solar Panels
    General Insight
    "At approximately 4pm on July 2, 1863, the Confederates mounted a spirited attack on Little Round Top. Confederate Lt. General James Longstreet attacked the Union left on orders from General Robert E. Lee. The Confederate attack came up the Emmitsburg road, and the aim was to roll up the Union left flank. As part of the coordinated attack, Confederate Brigadier General Evander Law's division under Major General John Bell Hood advanced toward Little Round Top on the extreme left flank of the Union army. The hill had been left vacant when Union General Daniel Sickles III Corps disobeyed a direct order from Major General George G. Meade. He advanced his troops forward from his ordered position to take advantage of higher ground a half mile to the northwest creating a salient in the Union line, and leaving Little Round Top largely undefended. When General George Meade was made aware of Sickle's position, he sent Brigadier General Governor K. Warren, the chief engineer to survey the situation. Warren found Little Round Top deserted and in the distance, claimed to see the glint of sun off Confederate bayonets and realized they were headed toward his position." Imagine the glint of sun off solar panels!
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