10:09 am, May 24, 2015

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  • I'd like to know
    when do they think is the right time for government employees to receive a pay raise and/or COLA? After all, extending this one till Jan saves 11 billion over 10 years. With this logic, why pay government employees? maybe they'll work for free? How bout this, lets go line by line in the budget and really see what's the problem. I see one already, Sandy Aid to pay companies so they out what they are suppose to (AKA another kickback to insurance companies) Don't like that? How bout congress's retirement? nobody in America gets full retirement with perks by working 5 years. How bout congress pay itself? has the CBO checked to see how much our congress is getting VS the private sector? I just saved BILLIONS and without hurting Mr. and Mrs. John Q Public!
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  • Make all politicians on the ballot a choice in the election cycle
    Honest Broker
    Congress and Senate seems to be mired down, corrupt, self serving, taking sides with their party versus constituents, and we can only get rid of a third or fourth of them per election cycle. Would it not be nice to put them all on the ballot each election cycle? Make it a rule that no campaigning until last 2 months so they do not forget their job. Unfortunately, they control the media that tells the tale that demonizes Govt employees and distracts from the problem. Media tells the worker bees for the service contractors their lives would be much worse if employed by the Govt, but in actuallity they are in worse shape. The POGO report on Govt vs Contractor Costs points out the raw statistics, but not one word has come out on mainstream TV news about it. For manufacturing and products, I am all for contracting it out with competition but services should be drawn back in or we pay for corporate america profits for decades and average Americans pay for it.
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