2:07 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • Federal workers make more?! HAHA
    Yeah, OK...not everyone works in DC and not everyone clears over $150k a year...there are still a lot of us who have master degrees making less than $40k a year...and LPNs are getting paid GS-04 pay...so, really?
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  • Republicans are hopeless
    As a recent former Republican, they just don't get it. This proposed pay raise is a pittance. Wasting one minute on blocking it versus solving the larger issues should send up a red flag that the Senator from Florida may not be representing his state as effectively as he should.
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  • Congressman, not Senator
    My apologies to the Senate.
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  • Can Republicans read?
    Republicans twist data into whatever contortion they wish. DeSantis cites the 2012 study from the Congressional Budget Office, but from his comments it appears he didn't actually read it. The report lists specific areas where workers make more and other instances where they make much less. Complex problems often require complex solutions, but Republicans behave like children who need help with remedial math. Either these people are complete idiots - a real possibility - or they we are idiots.
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  • Glad I'm retired. I was sick of being the whipping boy for the hoowahs in Congress.
    The Original Joe S
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  • Having problems
    With the current pay freeze we are hurting. We have had to raid our saving to the point that we now have no savings the next step is barrowing from our TSP. We have done all the right things with cutting back we have not taken on any new debt but have been trying to payoff what we have. When we took on that debt it was before the pay freeze. Since then as prices for gas and food have gone up we have had to pull from savings to make ends meet which we would not have had to do had we still gotten pay increase each year. Yet the congress men and women set up there on the hill giving themselfs and staff pay raises while we suffer. I know my wife and I are not the only Government employees who have had to raid their savings and or TSP. But yet the fat rich idiots that call themselfs congress men do not have a clue what the rest of us are going thru because of their actions or non-actions.
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