4:38 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Everyone too reliant on Govt? 100 percent election reset option?
    Honest Broker
    While listening to the gloom and doom of a Govt shutdown, I hear of high Govt to contractor ratios and impact on contractors. Has anyone read the POGO report about the cost of contracting out versus doing it in the Govt? Many of those service contractors only generate profit by increasing the number of employees. How many unnecessary jobs are out there? How many of those contracted jobs go on for decades? Where is the cost savings? Political cash cow system? People will not get their welfare checks, food stamps and free food from the FDA. How many of them should not be getting these? Contracting this out really help cut back on the dependence on the Govt? NJ Sandy aid for homeowners? Do they not have insurance? I live near the coast and have to pay higher rates, but my insurance covers losses. Should not that Sandy Aid money only help fixing their infrastructure and not personal property? Why is Corporate America allowed to keep overseas profits off the tax books? They demand the US Govt to come to their aid when their foreign markets are threatened. Govt shutdown and people will not get their unemployment checks especially since manufacturing was outsourced. How come Corporate America gets to use overseas labor and manufacturing, and then still get tax write offs like the cost for moving it all overseas? Congress and Senate has rigged the game so that only a third or fourth come up for re-election at the same time, so when they fail we cannot fire them all at once. It would be nice that they all run at the same time, so we can regularly fire them when they cannot perform. We depend on the Govt for large scale problems, but we now rely on it too much and the politicians with corporate america are cashing in. We need that RED RESET button every couple of years for all politicians.
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