6:21 pm, May 28, 2015

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    Great, the Post Office can sell slurpees and doo-dads. Come on, if the P.O. can't do what its supposed to do it needs to cut back, not become something else. The real problem is the Congress doesn't want to give up anything in their own district. Just like military spending the P.O. never seems to get cut. Even after all these buyouts they're still in the red. I don't like getting ads in the mail. That's not what the P.O. was created for. The only thing the P.O. should do differently (than cutting back) is maybe become a "safe" bank as they do in Japan. That way we don't have to worry about the big banks going down. Although why we gave them trillions is just a crime. Would've been cheaper to give each American a million bucks = 310 million vs. 5 trillion going to the banks.
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