7:56 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • NUFs
    Don't see many Marys or Lindas these days. Back to Mike, it's obvious they make up the rules as they go along from crisis to crisis. Somebody needs to step up.
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  • Just Thinking....
    Old Navy Comms O
    My smart idea of the week--there ought to be an exception to the normal rules for loans from TSP accounts when/if employees are faced with furloughs which would allow an emergency loan of up to one month's pay (or more if the furlough lasts longer than that). The GS-11+ can probably weather the storm, but the GS 3 through 7 especially are often living paycheck to paycheck. It's not their fault that Congress cannot get their act together and there should be some kind of emergency coping strategy put into place for them. As for me I am grateful to be out the door and off the civil service employee payroll this week. Wishing all my colleagues still on board the very best......
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  • I agree with you
    working 3 jobs
    I work three jobs just to get by. I do not make have the resources to get any money or borrow as I am a single person who happens to be an Assistant to the Division Head. I know so many people who make GS-14-15 that don't have to show up for work or so call working from home. I just realize that it is what it is. I guess I have to pick up more hours at the part time jobs that barely pay me anything.
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