6:29 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Goldman Suchs
    Well, as long as Goldman Suchs gets their Christmas bonuses next year I'm fine with furloughs, rifs, famine, etc. I find it funny how folks try to blame one side or the other when clearly both parties are bought off by Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics, etc. How about that bombing Libya? How did that turn out? Now "revolution" is all over North Africa with Touaregs leaving Libya for Mali, Chad, etc. Now we're sending U.S. soldiers to those countries as well. You can bet Lockheed Martin and friends are doling out the cash on Congress right now so they don't get cut. That basically leaves Federal employees, Social Security, Medicare, etc. Maybe then we can get a bill passed in Congress to actually help the American people. Only problem is, the Congress will lard up with the pork and we'll only get a few million (like the Sandy relief folks) and billions will go to each Congressman/woman's best buds.
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  • The Congress wants spedning cuts...
    well here they are...all they have to do is let these cuts become law. Sequestration is the answer. No debate, no risk they wont go into effect. They are needed..Congress just has to have the courage of their so called convictions and do what they do best, nothing. They are fair and spread equally across the entire government. They will address the Republicans concern about "real" spending cuts. The bill is already law..heck they can take another vacation. What could be better.
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  • Weird
    I thought the annoited one said this would not happen during the campaign. Oh. He got the federal workforce vote on that promise and now he doesn't need it anymore.
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