10:30 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Porkopolis
    An entire year's budget for the entire state of New Jersey is only 30 billion. The "Sandy Relief" bill is the EXACT reason our gov't doesn't work anymore. Instead of coming up with a bill to actually help the people in NY/NJ, etc. they threw on 40 billion more than was necessary and most of that doesn't even GO to Sandy relief. To point the finger at the tea party and accuse them of not "caring for people" is so unethical. Porkopolis only works as long as your credit rating isn't junk status. Oops! Already there in March. The U.S. has a worse debt-to GDP than SPAIN.
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  • My guess is that most of the money will actually go
    to pay claims on behalf of insurance companies so those companies won't get hit with everyone making their claims at once. The government did the same thing after the 9/11 attacks to prevent insurance companies from collapsing. Too bad though that the Republicans are in bed with big business and keep giving them freebies for every little minor thing that comes along. Our economy is in the toilet and Republicans are still insistant to give what money we have left to big business and take from government workers who do not have a real voice to say no.
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  • Your beef is actually with (R) Christie and King...
    who called out their fellow (R)in the House for not holding a vote on Sandy relief. Good luck getting ANY aid package through the tea party crowd. Every man, woman and child for themeselves!
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  • congressscumbags always target fed workers to pander to the bread-and-circus rabble who vote them in.
    The Original Joe S
    When the feds are worse off than the general public, NOBODY stands up and says "Hey! Let's give the feds a fair shake." When times get tough, they jealous louts always want to steal from the feds, to ensure they are brought down to a lower level than the rest of the country. Glad I'm retired. Put in for retirement IMMEDIATELY upon completion of my 30 year sentence. Keep that check coming every month. I'm enjoying it!
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  • Yeah right. Common Sense.
    Common sense to Republicans means that your reproductive organs belong to your local state legislature, Earth is flat, planet warming is a hoax, sea level can be legislated, the Theory of Evolution is Satanic, rape cannot result in pregnancy, reasonable tax rates on the wealthy affect employment rates, economic recession is the time for fiscal austerity, and any number of other false and free assertions. Give me a break.
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