8:50 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Furloughs necessary if other ways to save
    Honest Broker
    Too bad they are not considering other actions which would be more effective. First, cutoff the Govt retirees going directly to work for the contractors. All the major contractors have to buy influence this way to stay in business, so they inherit debt they would normally not have to absorb. They pay for it with cost plus fixed fee contracts, so they can justify those 6 figure consultant fees. I believe it was better when we just set the labor rates and fees based on education and experience, so they could not let the taxpayer pay for this incestuous double dipping problem. Here's another novel idea, go back to your own people or known as insourcing. Unfortunately the outsourcing has dumbed down the older people, but nothing forces action more than taking away the contractor security blanket. Here's another idea, go to an Amazon online like procurement system with a workflow tracking system for procurements under $100K or maybe even higher. The requestor can compare products, and then the reviewer or approver can check out the options to see if something looks better or if there may be some unexplained favoritism. With an automated system, delayed or fraudulent orders could be flagged and investigated. I can understand cutting back on conferences and training, but travel to visit the military is necessary to scope out their reported problems. There is too much waste due to the incestuous relationships between Govt and contractor, so take those away first before cutting into the already under paid and overworked Govt employees.
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  • Furloughs
    We have known about this problem for a while but agencies keep hiring new employees. Since September 2012 my section (Budget Execution) the comptroller has hired eight new employees even though many individuals do not have enough work to keep them busy. In times like this everyone should be thinking very hard on how to save money and not building empires. It is sad to see all the waste of resources within the government. Hiring new employees may result in funloughs for all.
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