4:36 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Inflation will drive playing market, but not fun
    Honest Broker
    I have been in TSP since 1989 and during the first years I played it conservatively without making much progress. I decided to try a tactic of 3 to 4 weeks performance before making any changes and keep a spreadsheet about stock history and track my successes or failures. In 2008, I went all G after 4 weeks of losses and missed the big one. In 2011, the European crash happened in days so it cost me 3% of my balance. I left in the funds, so they are back up again. From 2000 - 2008, I did have some success going all G funds in January-February and then getting back into C, S and I especially in the September - December months. Lately with all the political turmoil, I had to abandon that approach and just leave it in the different accounts and wait for Capitol Hill to get their act together. March should be another roller coaster. Based on the low returns of G, you have to put your money out into the other funds and monitor the market, make your best guess and avoid making panic funds transfers. It is not much, but I'm ahead by 10.8 percent since Sept 2008 than if I stayed safely in G. Only if I had all my money in S funds would I have more and its not by much. Several sources say shoot for 7 percent to beat inflation, so its not fun playing the market but do it or you could run out of funds early. The L funds seem to do OK, so try them if you need some help.
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  • Stock Market and Investing.
    My mother once told me to invest so that no matter what happens you're all right. And that's kind of what I do. I don't get fantastic returns but I don't do too bad. A good plan I've heard is to subtract your age from 100 and keep that much in stocks, and that's what I've done lately. If stocks go down you put more in stocks so you're buying cheap. If stocks go up, you take some out of stocks so you're buying when they're high. Still there's no guarantees, that's where it's important to read a little philosophy so that if all is lost, at least you can deal with it in your mind, I think.
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