2:12 am, May 23, 2015

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  • I'm very happy! I retired over 5 years ago. Checks come in every first of the month.
    The Original Joe S
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  • It sucks!
    Been a federal worker for over 23 years, ready to get out asap. Army was better to work for than DoD. With all the freezes, and the President wanting sequestration, all the cutbacks, freezes, management even sucks. Managers don't know how to manage, they are being more reactive than proactive like they want their employees to be. A lot of the managers. SES's, and supervisors, Deputies, Deputy DIrectors need to be FIRED!!!. They are not seeing what is actually going on behind closed doors or else they aren't listening! I plan on retiring next year because I am tired of the drama....
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  • @suthernwmn
    Time Bandit
    I was a Navy Contractor for 10 years before I was laid off in 2010 due to funding cuts, five years was at the WNY in DC. I loved my job, I wasn't making the big bucks like those higher up on the food chain were getting. My last salary was $49K, I never saw so many debbie downer fed workers then at the Navy Yard. They complained calling the Yard: A dump, a pit, hellhole, pig sty, plus some unpleasant words I won't repeat. For me, I saw the history of the Navy Yard and grateful I had the opportunity to work there and work for the Navy. If I was offered a gov't job at the WNY, would I accept? Depending on the job, yes! If I didn't like it, then I wouldn't have gotten up every morning for 5 years at 3:30am to catch the 5am VRE train out of Manassas. I wouldn't be trudging in the rain, snow, and heat 2 to 3 times a day to do my job. I was raised to be grateful for what I have, I tried getting a job with the gov't while working as a contractor. The only way was if you knew someone high up on the food chain that would speak up for you, you were set if you were family, friend or a buddy. Other than that, forget it.
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  • After 4+ years of fed bashing and pay freezes
    current Federal employees have become Dr. Strangeloves and have stopped worrying and learned to love the government we work under (not for). I said current, because people who have been in government don't want to leave and give up what they've got (especially CSRS). In the future, given the prevailing climate of the President and Congress, it will be harder to bring in the best and the brightest. The incentive is no longer there. Pay and benefits in government have been surpassed by contractors offerings (ironically, paid for by the government). In years to come, we will have, for the most part, an outsourced Federal workforce.
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  • Confusing Bad Economy With Good Morale
    Radar Tech
    The leadership look at the numbers of folks retiring or seeking employment elsewhere and think that the federal workforce have a good morale. However, they are confusing the realities of a really bad economy with the thought of good employee morale. When the economy improves, look for the numbers to change. It's a lot like the National Guard after Desert Storm. Right after the war, thousands got out because they were really angry/dissapointed with how they were treated and because they could. We had chronic shortages and they had to give really big bonuses and educational packages to fill the ranks. I've got 20 years in. If the economy improves, I'll take the money and run.
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