11:12 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Shocking!!!
    Big Joe
    I'm stunned by this news! This is breaking news that has never been communicated before! Yes,,,this is sarcasm. Management always picks the easy low hanging fruit when they get these reports. Standing up a blue-ribbon tiger team to do a study that produces nominal information and then stored in the circular filing cabinet until the next report.
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  • Executives Get Large Bonuses Based on Worker's Performance
    Radar Tech
    Here in my little radar world, it is rather disheartening to have been on the receiving end of a 2.3 year pay freeze and now we do not even get a performance bonus at all - despite an outstanding technical evaluation with zero out of tolerance key performance parameters after 100% testing (vs. normally testing 1 of 2 redundant systems); and this while we were short staffed between 20% - 60% the entire year. We got NOTHING for this while our executive got a $29,000 bonus. Well, I shouldn't say "nothing". We got a $150 cash award. That was nice, but let's do the math. 150/29000=0.0051. So the executive's reward for our performance was 99.5% more than the reward for the people actually doing the job. Rah! I'm so motivated.
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  • The floggings will continue until morale improves!
    The Original Joe S
    Discriminated against by affirmative action: punishing people today for something that happened 100 years before their grandparents arrived in this country. Working under morons promoted for conspicuous minorityhood above and beyond the call of duty, and getting the mission accomplished in spite of these jerks. Watching the "annointed ones" get promoted, rewarded, while others who work diligently get nothing. Watch the hoowahs in Congress steal more and more from the workers [1/30th exemption of your AFTER-TAX contributions, hoping you'll DIE and they get to keep the rest]. Yeah, I got motivated to file for RETIREMENT IMMEDIATELY I was eligible. Keep them checks coming every month like clockwork! It's nice living in the tropics where it's always warm, cheap, and fresh tropical fruit available every day.
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