9:45 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Small business after retirement, tough but fun
    Honest Broker
    I left a supposed engineering job in the Govt after several changes in the system; outsource everything to contractors policy, glacial procurement processing speed, poor work conditions, and politicians taking deficit out of Govt employees. I loved mentoring the young engineers with all their enthusiasm and energy, but due to contractors offering retirement jobs to upper management they held us back and said just write reports and make the contractor look good. When the politicians decided to go after my pay and retirement benefits, I finally threw in the towel and checked out after 33 years. I still love engineering, so I started a small consulting business for commercial customers and hire Govt engineers on a moonlighting basis. Since the reasons for leaving still exist, I would not want to go back and mentor because it would be frustrating and I would probably talk the new engineers into resigning and working for the contractors. Politicians do not really want to get the deficit under control or they would take the shackles off the Govt people like the IRS, FDA, DOD acquisition, etc. and quit pushing private sector solutions. Its a struggle, time consuming and expensive, but a small business is a nice option to staying in and hoping treatment of Govt employees gets better.
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