10:56 am, May 29, 2015

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  • Not a very good idea
    Radar Tech
    As a former Combat Engineer, I have observed the integration of women into the armed forces and I believe that this latest move is not a very good idea. I have observed first hand the preferential treatment of females that were not physically capable of the rigors the missions entailed. It reduced our combat effectiveness by not only not having the additional manpower, but also having to "carry" someone that was not capable at the job. Women are most welcome and valuable assets in most areas of the military. That being said, combat arms is not one of those areas. I have a great deal of respect for the competence and professionalism of the vast majority of females in the military, but physiology is not on their side in this. Even their bone density is less dense. So here is my bottom line: If the woman that want to do this can handle the job, with NO reduced standards - that means the exact same PT standards, grooming standards, and the exact same weight loads (carrying extra ammunition, tripods, extra barrels, MMGs, etc.) - then more power to them. Welcome to the team. But I have yet to see those women. It's like the fire and police departments around the country. They reduced the standards to let them in, and that has had mixed results. In combat, that will absolutely get people killed.
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  • Great
    A guy that NEVER served one combat mission is making a decision for who can serve in a combat role. I served for 8 years, 4 in an SF unit. I can tell you women can not deal with 40-50 days in the field. Being shot at, nor can men be subject to having a women with them. It will be VERY distracting to say the least. I'm afraid they will not only be subject to sexual misconduct (RAPE) by their peers but heaven forbid they get captured. Mr. SecDef are you ok with that? It's a 100% chance if captured they will be raped. Men and women are different, get over it. I can only hope that some of the big brass, get some brass and shoot this carziness down.
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  • Timing is everything
    Rock Island fed
    Why did SecDef wait until the end of his tour before making this HUGE policy change? That strikes me as "unleaderly."
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  • Women in Combat
    Dakota Rose Paris
    I've never served in combat, but I have observed the military and I would like to comment generally on one aspect of "women in the military and in combat." Women as a "distraction is a very old, worn out argument. It goes back as far as women entering the business world - that women would be a distraction to married men and it scared the wives. Then there was the argument they couldn't serve on ships at sea for months at a time - well, they do. Of all the places men and women gather to work, the military should be the one place where women are safe. Perhaps back in the day when everybody and his brother was drafted, there would be bad apples that couldn't be trusted. But in today's military, it consists of the elite. And if there is a man (from generals on down) who can't contain himself, he needs to be dealt with. That's true if a soldier forces himself on a woman or on a man. If men consider women to be "distractions," I'm not exactly sure how that separates us from an enemy who consider women in a very inferior light. We are different - and we are better than that.
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