6:22 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Not a tax increase.
    David L.
    I'm not surprised everyone is complaining about a tax 'increase' now that the social security tax been restored to its proper rate. I bet none of them had anything positive to say when the “payroll tax holiday” was instituted two years ago. Did anyone really believe it would be permanent when all it really did was weaken Social Security trust fund? As far as congressional pay… I have no problem with the salary they make. We have enough millionaires and billionaires serving in Congress now. If they aren't paid an appropriate salary, then “Joe Average" couldn’t afford to be a Member of Congress and we will have even more millionaire Members.
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  • SS and Other Programs
    Unless, there is 100 percent unemployment, there will be social security, although at 80 to 90 percent of promised amounts. Changes such as CPI, increasing age limits and increasing limit of salary taxed will forego such a necessity. However, to decrease the deficit and debt, entire programs must be cut and/or ended. Otherwise we face increased taxation that will cause severe GDP decline and austerity budgets like the PIGS.
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  • Several programs within the DOD alone
    have been identified to be cut, but Congress won't let it happen because their district is involved. The Air Force has more C-17 Cargo Planes then they can use but more and more are being made because they are produced using a total of 43 states. The story is the same for many things, someone says no but Congress says yes and puts the money back into the budget and fences it while denying something that is actually needed.
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  • Basically, this is hush money
    We get this terribly small increase 3 months after the new year so as to keep the federal workforce from claiming in principal that we have had no raise in 4 years. By granting the 0.5 percent raise, they can tell us: "You did get an increase in 2013, so shut up!" But in reality, we have had no truly useful increase since January 2010. When the end of December this year arrives, it will mean a 4-year dry spell during which we have had not only no real increase in salary, but suffered at the hands of a roughly 6-percent annual cost-of-survival (including all sustainment costs, energy and insurance) inflation. To my reckoning, this equals about a 25 percent cut in spending power. It's getting tough.
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  • Pay Raise
    Jonathan Swifter
    If the pay raise is less than the return of Social security to its 2010 level rates.....oops, on paper it may look like I was given a raise, but more income tax is withheld, more social security is withheld, so I will take home less....can't wait to see how much I get next year and what that will cost me.
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