4:01 am, May 28, 2015

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  • +.05-2=-1.5 - price increases and size decreases.
    -1.5%, less every thing else that has increased in price or decreased in size for the same price--such as groceries. Its insulting.
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  • The Coming DoD Furloughs
    Mike, Rather than talking about a raise that wouldn't mean much even if we did get it, we should be talking the DoD decisioni to move forward with civilian furloughs of 21 days in FY13. Rather than what we would do with a $1/day raise, lets talk about how we are going to pay our bills with a 10% pay reduction because Congress cannot and will not do their job. jwd
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  • Pay has gone up
    G Street
    Thanks to the (mostly = automatic) *step* increases.
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  • misinformed
    you are sadly misinformed G Street.. Not everyone gets a "step" increase.. In the "higher" steps there is a 3 year waiting period between each step and once you hit the 10th step you're frozen.
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  • Half of one percent?
    Considering the Social Security Holiday of 2% is over, the .5% means we will feel 1.5% of the Social Security dip now ... Our Healthcare went up too ... All the way around, we ALL are putting more in the pot these day--Feds and Non-Feds, and I am ok with this! We SHOULD ALL put more in the pot ... there are more of us than any other time in history, and the needs to keep us above water are growing. Just last week, 39 Respublicans voted NO to aid for Hurricane Sandy victims! Surpirsingly, the majority of these idiots are from Tornado Alley States! So the Nation can send aid to their Red States, but when a few Blue Staes have trouble, they say No? We need more roads and bridges, more food inspected, more drugs researched, more pollutants kept out of our air and water and ground by big industry ... I'm just glad John Q Public is putting some more into Social Security with us, so it's there for all of us at the end.....
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  • Social Security
    Hate to burst your bubble but there still wont be any $$ in Social security when I go to collect. $$ going in now is paying for those already collecting. System needs to be changed
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  • That's the way it works
    Social Security is mostly a PAYGO system. It's designed so that current workers fund the benefits of retired workers. That's kind of the point. The problem is that, with so many baby boomers retiring, there aren't enough workers paying payroll taxes to cover the expenditures of new retirees without drawing on the trust fund. The Social Security trust fund is designed to fund this explosive growth in retirement. The only problem here was that the surplus was invested in Treasury bonds, which means the federal government has to repay those bonds with income tax revenues. In short, as long as Americans are working, Social Security will be there for you, but for full benefits, the federal government will have to raise taxes to repay the bonds they used to fund deficit spending.
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  • These pay freezes brought to us by our president — for whom most government employees voted - Ha ha! Happy Now?
    The Original Joe S
    Glad I'm retired.
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  • President
    I don't blame Obama.. I blame Congress.. Here they are still battling over the 2012 budget that should of been done last year. If reg workers were as far behind in their work as they are we would be canned.
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