5:01 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Congressional "commitment" to USPS reform
    What exactly are we to understand from this new "commitment," and in what material way does it differ from the similar "commitment" enunciated repeatedly by the relevant "movers and shakers" in the now expired 112th Congress? It's clear that beyond lip service, this issue is not on the front burner of congressional concersn. It's long past time that the electorate dismisses such vapid, meaningless kerfuffle and holds the feet of our legislative "solons" to the fire. Oh, didn't that happen last November? Well, I guess not, and with almost two years remaining before they have to go before the voters again, don't count on any easily forgotten public outrage to change the present paradigm of using words and not actions to face up to the acute fiscal dilemma confronting the USPS.
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