10:42 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Speaking of genius comments
    Anybody hear from Deployed Decoy lately? There's a book out called, "Myths of Happiness" that talks about things like, "I'll be happy when......" I'm thinking for most Feds it's "when I retire" or "when I win the lottery." But as the book says, it's the daily trudge of life that determines your happiness level. You can't tell me that 30 years of beltway commute or commute from WV or Metro is good. That's why many of us leave DC. Not just the commute, but the daily grind, the bad bosses, etc.
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  • Wondering Also
    Kenny Ray
    I was wondering the same thing? Hope Decoy is OK. Always looked forward to reading his posts. I think Mike should have made him guest columnist when Mike went on vacation. I have joined the legions of BBR's (Baby Boomer Retirees) I just made up that acronym and am throwing it out there to see if it gets picked up. Like many I am sure, I miss a lot of my co-workers. Some of them and my bosses ... not so much. Here's hoping the next Congress can do something without throwing us Feds and Retirees under any more busses (or steam rollers)
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  • deployed decoy status
    Old Navy Comms O
    Not sure but the last time he commented he mentioned that he was headed back stateside. Could be he has retired and found other ways to spend his free time. I miss his sense of humor.
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  • How true....
    Big Joe
    I worked for a Agency that was 10 minutes from my house. They started desk audits as an execuse to lower people's grades. I was one of the ones that were downgraded, so instead of taking a $18k hit I left for another Agency at my same grade.....on the other side of the beltway. I'm now facing a 2+ hour commute every day. I went from $60 a week in gas to $490 in gas and $6 a day in tolls. I also have unavoidable daycare expenses due to the hours commuting. End of story is I'm spending about $14k for the priviledge of not being downgraded....or am commuting for $4k a year. Long way of saying the commute is brutal and I so look forward to a better year.....
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  • Sorry you got slammed
    Hope you get a job closer to your house that you enjoy
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  • OPM continues to be incompetent
    Bill Samuel
    Well, I'm retired now and I did get my first interim (reduced) pension payment from OPM. But I don't know what it actually represents. The Annuity Statement for it disagrees by several hundred dollars with the amount deposited in my bank account. John Berry has now had 4 years to straighten out OPM. But it is worse than when he started. Why is he still in office? Yes, he's a nice guy, but shouldn't competence count for more? Millions of federal workers and retirees suffer due to Berry's incompetence. For the 2nd time, I have written the President asking him to fire Berry and hire a competent manager to run OPM. But unfortunately there is little evidence Obama cares about Federal employees and retirees.
    Bill Samuel Silver Spring, MD 20906
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