12:30 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Care less
    Big Joe
    My resolution is to actually care less! I'll still do my job to the best of my ability and will give an honest days work, but no longer will I check my email at nights or on weekends. I'll take my full half hour lunch and will leave for the day on time. I'll stop for coffee on the way into work instead of getting there 15 minutes early just to get a head start on the day. I'll take my vacation days instead of taking leave and working from home. When I need a doctors appointment I'll schedule it for the middle of the day and take my sick leave instead of trying to cram it in first thing in the morning so I can get in 5 hours of work. I still care, but the new word of 2013 is BOUNDARIES!!!
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  • Care Less - do the minimums
    Radar Tech
    You called it. No more swapping my schedule at the last minute to save the boss overtime. When I am at home, don't expect me to answer the phone when the radar is down at 2 in the morning and it's freezing rain or blizzard. So sorry, I was soooo tired, I didn't hear the phone. Oh, and no more scheduling Doctor appointments for my days off. You called it Joe. Screw them. I'll do my actual job and nothing more. Gone are the days of "working for the flag". We used to never even consider overtime unless it was 45 minutes to an hour of work. Now, if I have to stay 1 minute past time to fix something, it's going to be overtime. I will use my leave in block chunks and not drib and drab it in half days because we are under staffed. If the radar's fail, they can call people in from other sectors to fix it while I am on vacation and so forth. They are treating us with contempt. Our payroll is about .5% of the budget and we are the ones that make it all work, and they treat us with contempt.
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  • Care Less
    California Fed
    I totally agree. I will do my job to the best of my ability. But, I will no longer rescind vacation time to benefit the organization. I will no longer come in early (love time) to get a jump on the day. I will no longer come to work when not feeling well, just to get work done timely. I vow to no longer loss sleep, fretting about due dates. This year, I reclaim my personal life. I will work within the confines of the 40 hour week. I love the new word of 2013 "BOUNDARIES".
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  • Mike is right on
    Absolutely Mike: Where I come from a good employee puts in their full hours and does a good job according to standard and I care too much too. I could have easily cried and whined that federal service was too hard and left wife and children to go live with a relative and work an easier job but being a reprobate bum doesn't sit well with me. I would rather have tears streaming down my face daily or simply die than give up being a model human being. Dying is just too easy, I'd rather do a good job in federal service. Yes I care too much and I may have to get over that but caring too little is just not for me.
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  • Right on, brother!
    It would be real easy to slide onto the drifting cliff, but at the end of the day we still have to live with ourselves. I'll accept my high work ethic, and know when I retire that my service was above and beyond those who just want to take from society and not contribute. In- house unemployment is NOT the standard for me, and I will continue to strive to set the bar high for my fellow govt employees!
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  • 2013 Resolution
    I hereby resolve to do the amount of work all the politicians in D.C. think I do. Which means I will decrease my production by about 75%.
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