12:04 am, May 27, 2015

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  • No Worries, Mates
    Oh no, no problem at all. Don't worry about it. Got a mortgage? No problem! Furloughed for a month (of Sundays?), head on down to Barbados and enjoy the sunshine and ocean. Sure! You know, there are 310 to 315 million Americans in this country. Instead of "rescuing" the banks with five trillion dollars, it would have been cheaper and better value to give each American one million dollars and we could have all retired to the Caribbean together. Kinda crowded, but at least the banks would gotten what they deserved. Repeal Glass-Steagall in the '90's and look what ya get. Way to go, Steny Hoyer, Jim Moran, John McCain, et all. Both parties, hey, thanks a lot!
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  • Who controls the House?
    Based on the above, who approved this? When you hear "shut the government down", can you guess what party they represent? Lastly, do you know what you’re talking about?
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  • Hegelian Dialectic
    Awww, ain't that nice? Its the red team, not the blue team's fault. You're obviously lost in a left vs. right dialectic. Apparently you were unaware that the blue team has killed more people in the drone bombing program than the red team did, bombed Libya, gave the banks over four trillion in the last four years alone (but I'll bet you really don't like the Tarp, under the red team). By the way, for all those out there that will be declaring bankruptcy here soon, you can thank Jim Moran (Va. 8th) for making it extra hard on you. He negotiated the bankrucpty bill into law at the behest of the banks. Why, he even got an interest-free loan from Citibank during the time it was being negotiated in Congress. Isn't that nice? Its really amazing to me how otherwise intelligent people can pull the wool over their own eyes. I can't tell you how many people in D.C. try to tell me the "last U.S. war was in Iraq." In fact, the last war we were involved in was Libya, although you could make a case it is currently Syria since we're got U.S. soldiers on the ground there. Keep on living the dream.
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  • Two Wings of the Same Party
    Just to make my point, both parties are no more than two wings of the same party. The Goldman Suchs/Lockheed Martin Demoblican/Republicrat party. That's what we have now. But they get paid so what do they care?
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  • guidance by OPM to agencies, but not to employees
    While OPM may have offered guidance, I have received nothing from my agency whatsoever. When I ask questions I am deferred. This is a crock. I have bills to pay and expect some answers.
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  • For the Love of God
    Go over the cliff already!!! Nothing will happen, it's all just scare tactics. There'll be a slight downturn and then economy will recover. Spending will be cut, revenues will increase, and we will be on the road to recovery. DO IT ALREADY!!!
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  • Delusion
    Agreed the "cliff" is not the issue. However, the real problem is debt. Debt has to be paid back or defaulted on. I say go over the cliff too, because it's the only way defense spending will be cut. But you KNOW both parties don't want to do that since they all get paid by Lockheed Martin, etc. Down the road, however, you can't have a recovery if you have debt like we have. The U.S. "debt to GDP" is higher than it is in Spain. Once interest rates rise, you'll see the result.
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