4:18 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Sleep On!
    When I accepted a commission in the US Customs Service, Dept. of the Treasury, it was with the understanding that I was guaranteed 8 hours a day, five days a week, with some overtime. Later, after finishing the Academy I found out that 'overtime' was a "condition of employment". For the next twenty years, no matter if I wanted to or not, I work 60 to 70 hours every week. The money was like heroin; but it took a big toil on my body and family life. Retired now, and content.
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  • 24/7
    disgusted fed who hopes to hold out until retirement
    In our office, if some people aren't instantly available, they get yelled at.
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  • No raise, more sleep
    SGT Pepper
    When our pay was frozen, I went from working 60 hours per week to working 42 hours per week. I do everything required of me and I still volunteer for extra assignments. I do it all well and I get everything done on time. It took me about a year to learn how to not be that guy who comes in an hour early every day and stays an hour late and works through lunch and works on weekends. But I did it, and I'm glad. I sleep more and more soundly than I ever did prior to the pay freeze. More importantly, I now spend more time with my wife and son, and my laptop never gets turned on during weekends any longer. Now I truly do work smarter, not harder.
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  • Sleep Perchance to Dream
    I spent at least 30 of my almost 41 years in the federal government working rotating shifts which included working weekends and holidays. Try eating a Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner early and then going to bed to try and catch a few hours sleep before working midnight to 8 AM. Then, while driving home after your shift while everyone is streaking by you on the freeway jazzed up on coffee, you are fighting the steering wheel, listening to the radio, whistling, singing to yourself, opening the car window even on cold mornings, just to stay awake and not cause an accident so you can get home safely. Fun stuff right? You do all this for a paltry 10% night differential pay and limited overtime mandated by Congress who make sure you never earn more overtime pay than the base pay of GS-10. You are limited to the numbers of hours of overtime too. Anything that exceeds the limit (I think 23 hours per week) gets dumped into compensatory time off instead of money. Politicians, especially Republicans, have been wildly successful at demonizing the federal workforce. Polls typically show low public approval for federal workers no matter how well-educated and superbly qualified they are or how hard they work to serve the public's interests. Now, the Obama administration keeps caving in to Republican demands for more cuts in the federal workforce, more cuts or freezes in pay, more cuts in retirement and health contributions by federal workers, all at the behest of lawmakers who see cutting the federal workforce as low hanging fruit that they disingenuously claim will help ease the pain while they play games with nation's "fiscal cliff." God help those who work for the United States government if Republicans seize control of both houses of Congress and the presidency. Their hatred of federal workers is only exceeded by their animosity and hostility to the black man and his family who occupy THEIR White House. You know, that edifice that was built on the backs of black slavery. How can we forget Ann Romney's comment during a TV interview earlier this year when she exclaimed, "It's our turn now." As a retiree, I get more sound sleep than I have ever gotten in 40 years. But, the future remains bleak for those hard-working American workers who toil long hours and sacrifice weekends and holidays with their families. While they work to help keep America safe, mean-spirited, odious politicians like the Tea Party spend U.S. taxpayer time and money to shut the business of the people down and try to force our country into submission to their dream of a permanent low-wage workforce.
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  • Sleep and GOP Hatred
    Well, the hatred of Government employees comes from both sides of the aisle. Just the Dems try to put a caring for and fighting for the worker attitude in their rhetoric. Both parties hate the fact that Federal employees make as much as we do in salary and O.T. The O.T. cap was created out of the fact that Congress and HQ personnel can't stand to see those who they consider subordinate, making more than their salaries. The GOP does not monopolize carving away and Fed pay and benefits.
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  • No Equivalent Argument
    There is no equivalency argument that Dems and Reps both trash government workers. The huge disparity between the two parties has always shown Republicans have been hot to contract out government jobs for decades. Read the Heritage Foundation's damning report issued in 1995 -- the Gingrich years. Fox News spread the lie over and over that federal workers' pay averages $100,000 per year. I know they believe that because I live in a very white conservative area in Texas (is there any other kind?) and the people who are glued to Fox News accept every word they say as gospel.
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  • No Life
    I worked 14 years as an Immigration Inspector, 6 as a Supervisor. I worked rotating shifts, mandatory O.T., and rotating days off, which gave me essentially one day off a week. I regret not taking more vacation time and time for me. The Fed culture does not encourage workers to take vacation time, which I believe causes an increased abuse of A/L and S/L. I am amazed at those who adopt the HQ mentality and who are married to the Service. They live, eat, and sleep Federal Government and expect everybody else to forsake their personal lives and work. I have 23 years of total service time and I have learned to take it easier on myself and use the leave I have to get away from it all.
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  • Bourne Legacy
    Are you Aaron Cross?
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