2:39 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Get the little boys in a room
    Nobody N
    Bring in General Petraeus. Have him tell them to keep their pants zipped at all times unless they are with their spouse. Have him tell them how high a salary he had to give up in his old position and how much he would have been making if he hadn't given up on the position he was going to be posted to. Don't they have to pay back the tuition or something if they get kicked out? If so, present each of them with the bill to date if they engage in illegal conduct. And if they smirk or try not to listen, go upside their heads. For some people, there's no other way to get their attention.
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  • military rapes
    What is disturbing is how many women have come forward regarding how their rapes were ignored by the military and those cases are not being looked into. Women have been dishonarably discharged and lost everything and are still suffering. When is the US going to step up? http://www.theusmarinesrape.com/HideTheTruth.html
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