12:51 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Army combat brigade to provide training support in Africa
    I'm somewhat surprised that DA chose a line combat brigade to carry out this very demanding training support mission. While the "Big Red One's" 2nd Brigade will certainly do its best, the use of a line combat brigade to execute what is primarily a large scale and multi-national and culturally challenged training mission raises questions. DA currently has a very useful asset in its Reserve training components, which are designed to provide hands-on "lines" training, as well as highly sophisticated and tailored computer simulation training exercises, especially at the command group level. Whether that option was considered and rejected is unknown, but it may well have been a better choice than the one chosen. Basing the brigade in Stuttgart, supposedly to minimize the U.S. "footprint" in such an initiative, is also questionable. DA just finished rebasing the 1st Infantry Division back in the US from the FRG in 2008 (most components currently being based at Ft. Riley, KS), and now one of the division's brigades will re-deploy back to Europe, which will also gravely complicate at the very least working and coordinating with the targeted African training clients from a logistical and on-going liaison basis. Let's hope this works out in practice better than it looks in theory.
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