12:24 am, May 23, 2015

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  • when finish the world and the official back with him family unless in christmass in all the world
    the officialls and soldier came back to homes so this idea is for the afghanistan sight that the spirit of christmass have power in the hearth in the war and them doing the same forless the catholics and chrstians in afganistan holidays religious give pace too to the spirits of people and give the people this comunication that is christmas in all the world and have to live in armony with the spirit of god living in pace perhaps give drinks contain manzanilla to people afganistan transformer in a pacific person is a good idea because said that the drink coca cola contain cocaina and produce alucination that is bad for the mine or is so well for the diarreas too stomake too but find through the drinkin offer the relaxe in they offer arabe drink of relax and give peace like a good christmas
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