4:41 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • "And as in past years, each of the finalists' ideas will be incorporated in the President's budget"
    This will guarantee republican opposition. Good ideas, according to republicans, are not tolerated unless hate based.
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  • Not much of a money saver
    Although it is a fine idea it won't save much money. The age to qualify for the senior discount is usually 65. How many commuters are over 65? Not many since many older federal employees have parking permits because a higher proportion of them are in management or have seniority over everyone else. Perhaps one percent, at most, of the DC commuters are over 65. Since the senior discount is only fifteen percent, the montly savings for the Transit Subsidy program would total only a few thousand dollars for all agencies. Most agencies will not bother to implement the suggestion since the amount of the actual savings is so small, it won't be worth the effort. Implementing the suggestion would probably cost more money than it saves because any such a change would require new policies, processes, procedures and paperwork. All that "extra" is always costly and time-consuming in the Federal workplace. Unfortunately, though the idea is good, it just won't save enough money to get implemented.
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