8:27 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Gadget Creep
    I agree! The job gets enough of your time and attention during your tour of duty. Anyone who thinks they need to be on call 24/7 has an entirely too high opinion of themselves! No one is irreplaceable and no one does a job that someone else can't do. I remember something that a supervisor of mine once told me when I first went into management. If you can't get the job done during your tour of duty then you aren't doing the job right. Period.
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  • Also agree
    I also turned down the "chance" at a government owned cell phone. Don't want it. If it is an emergency my manager and secretary have my personal cell number. Which they seldom call.
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  • Gadget Creep...NO!
    I have refused to accept the Government Issued Blackberry. If there is an emergency I have my personal cell phone and my home telephone number. I do not want the added responsiblity of having a piece of Government issued device that I need to make sure if fed and watered daily. I see too many of my fellow workers here at DHS scrolling through there blackberries during meetings when they should be paying attention to the meeting and this includes our executives too. Government needs to take MANY of the devices back, and be more selective to who they are issued too, way too many of these are issued to people who really don't need them at all. I feel they are not needed in most cases and your own personal cell phone telephone number will do the same.
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  • Gadgets
    Guess I might be middle of the road. I refused the cell phone when it might have been offered. And I would refuse a blackberry. I do take my computer home during weekends because I like doing emails and my manager is reasonable. I will answer him because he is reasonable with my time away from work and will not test me to see what he can get away with. So I work with him and not against him. On the other hand, a previous manager pushed as much as possible and gave me nothing in return. Therefore, he got nothing.
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