9:29 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • When all you have is a hammer, all your problems look like nails
    Just me
    *Sigh*, here we go again. The GOP House seems to think that federal employee compensation is a piggy bank that they can keep raiding, time and time again. Don't want a DOD sequester this year? Attack federal employee compensation. Don't want to pass a debt ceiling increase? Raid federal employee retirement payments. Feds get it, GOP...you don't like us. We see through your lip service to federal service(and it isn't hard to do so.) We're retiring in record numbers (this year), and I expect that this trend will continue next year as well. Fewer young people are selecting federal service as an employer because they don't want to work for a boss who denigrates them at every opportunity while attacking their pay and benefits. Soon we'll have the government that the GOP wants...one that doesn't work because it can't. All because the GOP has only one tool, and they use it badly.
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  • increased retirement contributions
    Texas Fed Up Fed
    This definitely adds up to a 5% pay decrease. At some point the bashing of the federal civilian employee will have to stop. We'll be paying the government for the privilege of coming to work. Why not let the military contribute to their retirement? Why not lower entitlement payments 5% across the board? Why not do away with Congressional retirement benfits all together? Why not decrease Congressional pay by 25%? Why not do away with golf courses and hobby shops on military bases? Why not reevaluate what constitutes a service connected disability? Why not reevaluate what constitutes a social security disability? There are millions of ways to save money. Why is the federal civilian employee always the first target?
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  • This is the same as
    the postal service having to contribute and fund 75 years worth of retirement in just 10 years only on a smaller scale. Republicans continuing to drive government into a private corporation ideal.
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