2:28 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Repubs do it again
    They save defense from cuts by sticking it to federal workers. I got a better idea. Raise the revenue by putting even more taxes on the wealthy. If that cannot be done, then defense must participate in this disaster.
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  • First sentence
    Your first sentence is correct. However, you're second sentence says put more taxes on the wealthy and that won't put a dent in the debt at all. Even if you "soak the rich" (yeah, right) at 50% tax level, that would only cut the defecit in half (that won't happen). It might make you feel better but the point is we can't afford to have 900 military bases around the world anymore. That is why both parties will raise taxes on EVERYone including the middle class - and blame it on each other - so they can continue the wars to defend the petrodollar.
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  • What sequestration?
    During the last debate, the president emphatically told Romney that there would never be a sequestration and basically called Romney a liar and unpatriotic for even saying it. Whoa, I guess we were fooled. Oh, "Repubs do it again" you cannot be as blind and as inept as you sound. 16 budget bills have been passed by the Congress. harry reid has yet to bring a single one to the Senate floor. No, my misguided friend, it is not the Rebpubs, it is harry reid and the democ rats. If we go over the fiscal cliff, it will be because of him the the executive branch, period.
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