8:09 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Merry Christmas Mike
    Merry Christmas Mike, I am still watching you from afar! Good goof, fun family, and snow skiing most day! Beats the land of the dead!
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  • Home (mostly) alone
    Prior to retiring several years back, I always regarded working in the Christmas-New Year's time frame as a plus from several stand points. On the one hand, I could look forward to not being interrupted or distracted by the otherwise unending cavalcade of phone calls, e-mails, interminable meetings, co-workers who wanted to discuss at great length the latest inanities on the "boob tube" and the joys or sorrows (usually the latter) of our city's sports teams, etc. It was really one of the most productive periods of the year from that perspective. On the other, being in effect a tibia or shin bone in the holiday season's office skeleton crew also provided me with an opportunity to allow younger co-workers with children still in their rug-rat years to spend more time with them during this very special time of the year. Christmas is, of course, primarily all about kids. Anyway, Merry Christmas to the always merry year-round Federalnewsradio crew!
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