7:34 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • DoD-college MOUs
    Recognizing that there is only so much detail on a complex topic that can be given in a short news article, I'm more than a little puzzled/concerned by some of the vagueness of the discussion. "There will be regular follow-ups [with college MOU sign-ups that] ... will be done by an independent third-party DoD contractor." The said contractor wlll assess a given school's compliance with the MOU, looking for "what they feel are good quality indicators....Where they feel that there's a deficiency, they recommend improvements." There seems to be a little too much subjective "feel" going on here. Also, what are the specific criteria that will identify "aggresive" or "high pressure recruiting" tactics? What are the "special needs" of veterans that need to be addressed? At a time of acute funding problems facing the department, will DoD be able to follow through with a rigorous and fully funded compliance assessment approach, or is this a "low hanging fruit," low priority initiative that can be reduced or even dropped altogether in the general belt-tightening process? In the past, such desirable but less than essential programs have been the first to go under the budget-cutting axe. I think history may foretell a short career for this well-meaning program.
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