10:03 pm, May 27, 2015

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    Time Bandit
    ""Arbitrary cuts are contrary to law and common sense," AFGE President J. David Cox said in a statement. "DoD has three distinct workforces — military, civilian and contractor — each with its own unique mission" I used to be a defense contractor for 10 years for the Navy, 5 years was in DC until 2010. More monitoring needs to be done on contractors, I've seen my share of slackers getting pay checks and doing absolutely nothing to earn it. Also, contractors need to be told to stop hiring those with degrees for positions that don't warrant one, the only reason they hire those with degrees is because they charge the contract more money. I was working in an office making $42k, another girl was hired that recently graduated college. She had NO Navy experience whatsoever, we were doing the EXACT same job and she was making close to $60k.
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