12:07 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Ft. Myer day care center scandal
    So, let's see now. Base officials became aware of the probelm in late September but considered it as being "only' a local law enforcement isue. However, now that this has made its way to the attention of the national news media, the rush is on in classic bureaucratic accountability evasion mode to point the finger somewhere (as long as its not the higher ups, thank you) for this fiasco. We're now almost three months into this sorry affair; yet "Officials ... said it remained unclear if the initial background checks were not done, were insufficient or simply were ignored during the screening of personnel as they were hired." After close to three months, why anything in this regard would still be "unclear" after all this time is itself manifestly unclear.
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  • sheesh, 31 suspended?
    Who is left? It is really a shame that qualified persons with a clean record are not hired as caregivers for our soldiers. That has got to change.
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