4:50 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Cost of living cuts for the retired
    not well Fed
    This will hit people when they are in their most vulnerable years. How do you substitute “lower cost alternatives” to gasoline, food and energy? Sounds like let them eat cake is the new moniker for moving “forward.”
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  • I have an idea....
    lets take $50B from the DoD..acccording to their own accounting records they can not find around $50B a year in funds they recieved but simply can not find. Thats rigth the DoD loses nearly $50B a year that they can not account for..and it gets worse, DLA, the Defense Logistics Agency has been trying to perform an audit for nearly a decade, that is do a physical inventory of all the real estate, property, buildings and assest it owns here and around the world. Thats right the DoD cant even determine how many baese we have, where they are located, what assets both physical and non physical that are located in those baese. The estimate is in the trillions of dollars and they dont have a clue. We have the largest defense budget in the world. The next 17 nations with the highest annual defense budgets combined does not equal what the US spends each year. Many nations spend less on defense than what the DoD losese each year. And this President and this Congress wants to steal bread from the mouths of seniors. This President and this Congress wants to steal the heat that warms their houses. This President and this Congress wants to take the roofs from over their heads away. This President and this Congress, want to balance the budget on the backs of the poor, needy and elderly and not only do they want to reduce their standard of living, the outcome of this measure will force more poor into higher tax brackets, code for broadening the base phrase you heard so often in the last election which ah means more money for the rich who own Congress...so the rich and the powerful can stay rich and powerful. And taxing the everything earned above a $1M dollars is supposed to be paying their fare share..thats what we are supposed to believe..Americans should be outraged at these proposed actions...they are vulgar and reprehensible and reak of corruption and criminality The Congress controls the budget. The Congress controls the purse strings. The Congress got us into this mess with their malficeance and criminal misconduct. The got us into two wars and didnt think to finance them. They voted for tax cuts and didnt pay for them. They voted for a payroll tax holiday and made the SS system pay for it. They extended the interest rate deductions for college tuition and didnt pay for them. They had a knee jerk reaction to 9/11 which cost the country trillions of dollars and more and more waste, fraud and corruption. The Congress stole funds from the SS Trust Fund and then replaced them with worthless IOUs which suddendly now they cant find the money to repay. The Congress did this as an accounting trick to hide the hugh budget defiects it was running in effect lying to the American people and breaking their sacred trust to the nation. The Congress created this mess and now they want to fix it by the only way they know. Tax the poor, tax the elderly, reduce the meager COLA seniors are getting now...tell me Mr President, how is that a balanced and fair means to address problems that the poor had no voice in deciding. Its a complete and utter vile distortion and contemptable on your part. Starve senriors so the rich can avoid paying their fair share...let them eat Mr President. Thats your solution?
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  • What're you, asleep? The president and the congress-dirtbags ALWAYs steal from the fed workers. What part of that is unusual?
    The Original Joe S
    they always pander to the rabble and use the fed workers as whipping boys. If all the feds one day said "scroo it, we give up" and stop performing their missions, this country would go down the chute.
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  • Unions blowing more smoke...
    They haven't prevented anything bad yet. In fact, I'd like to know what good they've done in the last five years at all. It's time to hold your unions accountable for more then just meaningless words. Give them until tehbudget is passed to produce something positive...ANYTHING!! When they fail, drop them like a hot potato.
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  • Feds are between a rock and a hard place.
    neither Dems nor Reps are on their side. The local politicians are outnumbered and at this point may not care anymore, because their votes are and have always been assured. This is not a good time to be a Fed employee past present or future. It's a shame that we are the scapegoats of the politicians.
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