10:00 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Really?
    You report "in 2011, NASA's Matthew Ritsko proposed a "lending library" to make it easier for agencies to find tools and equipment that others already paid for and could be reused." In the same year FNR awarded Ang Gye of the Federal Highway Administration something like $500 for the same idea...
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  • These are the "winners"?
    I KNOW better ideas were on the list ... Ideas that would have saved millions of dollars...I recall several folks, including myself, promoting the nationwide mandadted use of windmills, and a solar refrofit of every Federal property, and military base. Not only would this save millions of dollars on energy, and gotten us off the grid in every large city, it would bolster manufacturing, installation, and maintenace JOBS in this country! Cancelling the few buses that serve in DC between a handful of buildings is NOT going to have remotely the same financial impact! (Besides, the concept that folks can replace that service with a metro card is ridiculous....Metro service is unavaliable between DC and Langly...thus the bus service is provied!) Who's picking these winners????
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